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you’re a curious customer trying to figure out the best way you would use a vape pen and one that will work. A good vape pen is one that you will always be able to use no matter how well things are or not when you choose to buy a high quality vape pen. When you figure out what’s good to use when you buy a new vape pen, you will understand the huge benefits that come into play when you buy yourself a new pen vaporizer. It is all up to whatever you want to use in your vaporizer that will show you with what will work or not when you actually want to buy a new vaporizer for sale. When you look to buying a new cheap vape pen, you will want to make sure you get one with quality atomizers and a battery that will last the duration of the entire time you want to vape. There are many different types of batteries that will work, you will want one with 900 – 1200mAH which will most likely last the entire day depending how much you use it. Quality atomizers include Quartz Crystal atomizers with titanium metal for the coil. There are many new types of vaporizers to actually buy when you’re considering the possible benefits.

The vapor pens you’re about to see are perfect for beginners that are getting into vaping for the first time. None of these pen vaporizers are bad at all, they’re all high quality units and can be used at all angles depending how you want to use your pen vaporizer.

Linx Hypnos is a new wax pen

vaporizer, super high quality unit that you can easily store in your pocket as it is only 10cm long making it a very small, short and portable pen vapor you can use on the go anywhere when you need a good quality vaporizer for sale. The linx hypnos comes with 5 different atomizers to choose from when you need a different types of atomizer for a specific concentrate, the Linx Hypnos will be there for you being able to manage the amount of vapor it pulls out. The Linx Hypnos atomizers use ceramic glass with titanium metal, it has an all glass-on-glass vaping path, perfect for a quality vaping session. There’s 4 different heating levels that you can use with a 650mAH battery, it is the perfect amount of energy you need to be able to vaporize throughout the day. The battery can be used for 3 hours of continuous use and charging only takes less than an our as it charges with a voltage range of 2.7 – 5.5 volts input and 3.5v – 4.1v output creating very fast charging to get back in action and continue vaping.


Dr. Dabber Aura is a special vaporizer pen specifically made for concentrates, it is the perfect pen vaporizer to get the job done and vaporize all your materials. The Aura comes with 3 different atomizers custom to the type of viscosity of your concentrate. It also features new snap-tech technology which makes the threading magnetic and less prone to wasting your time connecting the threading together. The new Quartz Crystal glass is a high-quality type of glass that won’t ever produce any type of heat which makes it a product you will want to have anywhere you go. The all ceramic lining in the atomizers with Quartz Crystal makes it an all glass-on-glass vapor path for you to be able to use perfectly with your waxes and concentrates without ever messing anything up at all. With the Dr. Dabber Aura, you get 3 different types of heating levels with the variable voltage setting to have a custom vaping temperature for any type of substance you put inside the atomizers.

cloud penz 3.0

The Cloud Penz 3.0 vaporizer is a high quality unit that uses a powerful 650mAH battery, stronger than its predecessor the 2.0 had. It uses a lithium ion 3.0 battery and it only takes 1.5 hours to charge, the indicator light battery will display when it only has 10% battery left. Plugging up to the batter is very easy as it only takes a micro-USB batter to charge the battery. With convenient features like the red LED light that flickers with the low battery and the 1.5 hours of continuous use you get the Cloud Penz vaporizer is one to be able to use at anytime you want with the different types of atomizers this cheap vape pen comes with. The Cloud Penz 3.0 wax pen vaporizer is the best one to go with when you buy the cloud penz 3.0 vaporizer pen.

Buying new pen vaporizers are the best thing for you to buy when it comes down to it. You want to buy a new cheap vape pen, these are the three pen vaporizers you want to buy when you want to get the best types. There are many types of cheap vape pens for sale online, finding a good one can be difficult if you’re unsure of what to look for. We try to make the whole buying a new vape pen an easy task for you to understand the simple basics to be able to buy a brand new vaporizer.

Are the most important thing for anyone wanting to value a quality vaping session, the reason why atomizers are so valuable are the simply facts they control the entire vape pen. There’s quartz Crystal lined vaporizers atomizer which utilize the ceramic crystal to prevent any accidental burning when you’re trying to vape your botanical correctly. Atomizers are very important, they come in all shape and sizes and when you can find a high quality atomizer which would be either made of stainless steel with Qurtz Crystal lining or a cheaper version would be made out of iron cast and ceramic glass, either way, it is all up to the temperature control settings that will make for the best possible vaporization.

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3 Quick Vaporizer Pens Thu, 03 Mar 2016 02:57:50 +0000

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When you’re buying a new vaporizer pen online it is always good to make the right purchase so you can determine if you get a good investment. When you want to buy a new herbal vaporizer it is very vital for the success of your vaporization to get the best possible vaporization from using a good heating element. There’s two different types of vaporization, conduction and convection vaporization and the main thing for you to make the best decision for you to buy a new vaporizer pen . There’s so many great vaporizer pens out there you just got to know which one is the best. Make sure you don’t buy a conduction vaporizer since it is specifically for you to buy a vaporizer with convection heating with high quality temperature control settings. When you can find yourself a great vape pen, it is very easy for you to get the best vaporization possible. When you get a new vaporizer, it is a main thing for you to get the best heating types of settings. When you look at it the OLED screen is the most important type of vaporization.

Herbal Vape Pen #1
Atmos JumpA small and effective vaporizer, the Atmos Jump is easily becoming one of the most popular vaporizer pens in the world. It is a highly recognized device easily becoming one of the top pens in the industry. With the Carbon-fiber body, the lithium ion body and the advanced glass ceramic chamber the convection vaporizer vapes and toasts the materials perfectly with the advanced air-flow circulation that creates very little draw resistnace. The Atmos jump is one of the top leading vaporizer pens in sales and will continue to be that way for a very long time.

Vaporizer Pen #2

Vaporite Cosmic has launched last year a very sleek device, easily will fit in to your pocket with no problems. The easy-to-use bluetooth synchronization will make it easy for you to remotely control your vaporizer anywhere you go. The herbal chamber uses convection heating, advanced LED light displays to read the temperature metrics out to you so you know exactly what heating setting you have the vaporizer at. The Vaporite Cosmic is a fairly new pen vaporizer, has an anodized steel with leather grip design and has a cool magnetic charging dock making it very simple to charge your vaporizer.

Vaporize Pen #3
Dr. Dabber Aura
Is a nice wax dabbing vaporizer pen using quartz crystal glass which is an advanced glass that won’t absorb any type of heat. This vaporizer is a perfect to use vaporizer as it uses 4 different heating levels for advanced dabbing adjustments and 3 different atomizers for the different higher and lower viscosity liquids and waxes. The low heating settings will allow you to enjoy every type of vaporization possible when you’re dabbing with the Dr. Dabber Aura, it is your perfect pen vaporizer to use all the time.

These 3 quick vaporizer pens are perfect to use all year round. The two for herbs are very quality vape pens with different costs. The Cosmic with more advanced features runs for $140 as the Jump with basic heating features will run at $60, both are really quality units and won’t let you down at all when you’re using the vaporizers. The Aura is rated #1 dabbing pen in the world and comes with magnetic technology threading making it easier to switch around the atomizers and quickly use the vaporizer pen.

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